Tilta Armor Man 3.0 Gimbal Support System

  • Vest & Spring-Loaded Arms for Gimbals
  • Supports Top-Bar and Ring-Based Gimbals
  • Tension Adjustment

The Tilta Armor Man 3.0 allows you to attach a gimbal and achieve even better stability with it while taking its weight off your arms. It supports most full-size gimbals on the spring-loaded arms, including the Arri Maxima, Freefly MoVI, and DJI Ronin. You’ll be able to boom the gimbal down as far as possible to the ground, with your focus more on the shot than on the weight of the gimbal and load. You can also easily adjust camera settings, as the Armor Man pretty much holds your gimbal up all on its own, leaving your hands virtually free.

Pret inchiriere: 50 euro / zi